Superhuman Law

Okay lets talk a little about laws and law-enforcement as it relates to Superheroes.

The Current Theory

After two High Court decisions in recent years, and some reformist and revisionist laws, the guiding facets of the law reguarding superhumans is as follows:

  • Superhumans have the same rights as other citizens, including the same right to privacy as any other lawful citizen.
  • Masked Vigilanties do a public service, so long as they do not violate any other laws in the execution of their duty (e.g. no killing except in explicit self-defense)
  • Superhumans, having no control of their condition, cannot be considered to be in possession of dangerous weapons or technology.


These are the agencies with some form of authority over superhuman activities

  • Local Law Enforcement: Each city has its own Police and Municipal Attorney.
  • Federal Department of Natural Laws: Though the FDNL has no direct authority over existing Superhumans, they do their best to prevent superhuman incidents from occurring and will intevene at the request of other agencies
  • Federal Department of Security: Keeps a tabs superhumans but very rarely intervenes except to provide information
  • The Guild: The Guild, being a separately governed entity, requires federal permission before intervening.

Becoming a Superhero

The Federal Department of Natural Laws maintain a taskforce to attempt to prevent inadvertant exposures to Kurtzburg-Lieber, and to track any purposeful exposures. In effect, purposefully attempting to get superpowers is, technically, illegal. However, there have been no cases prosecuted where someone purposefully gave themselves powers and the FDNL pressed charges.

Use of Technologies

The FDNL regulates the use of so called “xenotech” devices, which almost any superhero-level gadgeteer or battlesuit wearer would incorperate. Such violations of Arden’s physical laws are not tollerated without a licence.

“Black Folios”

The Federal Department of Security maintains the so-called “Black Folios”, a print-copy file cabinet filled with information that could be used to quickly determine the identity of almost any super-hero. However said information is purposefully kept in a format to make it almost impossible to secretly make use of it in order to protect the identities of superheroes from third parties.

Law Enforcement

Superhuman law enforcement is generally maintained by superhumans. If a hero goes bad, its up to other heroes to bring them in. The FDNL maintains its own battlesuit task force, but their ability to deploy is limited and usually reserved for cases where the local heroes are incapable of bringing in the perp.

Superhuman Trials

Superhumans criminals are innocent until proven guilty, and therefore their identities are not publically revealed unless convicted. This has provided some of the sillier case titles like The City of Gnosis v. the Crimsons Terror, and Metro City v. The Silver Streak,

Guild Law

The Guild, existing as a seperate legal entity, has its own laws. Members of the Guild technically have Diplomatic Immunity, however justice is metted out without jury or judge, often by the hands of Senior Guild Members against whom the might of entire nations’ militaries might fail.

Superhuman Law

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