Cosmic Champions

The original Cosmic Champions founded in 1965:

  • Captain Cosmic: The Orignal Augustan Hero.
  • Havelock “Havoc” Sterling: A guy with a ray gun and a pet dragon
  • The Golden Guardian: Herald of the Archons.
  • Starforge: With Great Power et cetera.
  • Zaraya: An Arcadian power princess.

In 1970, after the Captain Cosmic left….

  • Havoc: Now team leader
  • Golden Guardian: Team moral compass
  • Starforge: Power Overwhelming
  • Torak the Immortal: Barbarian Warrior
  • Zaraya: Power Princess

In 1982, after an adventure in Caeledon, Torak is named King of a large country. Retires to manage it. Starforge joins the Superhuman task force. Zaraya is forced to return home. Havoc accompanies her. Golden Guardian vows that, should Arden need him, he will return

Cosmic Champions

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