Trials of Teenage Superheroes in John Manning High School

No one really understands. They don’t get what its like. Its like every time your History teacher asks you to turn in a 12 page paper on the cultural impact of John Manning, a.k.a. Captain Cosmic due Tomorrow you just know that Professor Sinister will attempt to steal the unobtainium crystal from the Museum in order to complete his Doom Ray, and you’ll be stuck fighting his endless chimpbot minions until at least 9. And if that weren’t enough, on the way home you get a text from the one you’ve had a crush on for weeks saying “Hi”. Just “hi”, nothing else. Who does that?

Social Studies

This class is so dumb. Its not like we need to be told that we live in a nation called The United Augustan Federation or anything. Everyone knows how we live in a democratic Republic with a capitalist economy that has its roots in colonies from across the sea.

History Class

It all started like a billion years ago, back in the 50’s. John Manning went up in a rocket with a bunch of other guys who no one remembers. All of them died. Except then Manning was back with super powers and they called him Captain Cosmic.

Anyway, in the 60’s, it started happening a lot more, and then in the 80’s with the superhuman arms race… Well for better or worse the last half of the 20th century was dominated by superhumans.

School Spirit

Its alright, I guess. Its pretty cool being in a school named after the first superhero, but its a little weird. Captain Cosmic was always a Metro City guy. Here in Gnosis we’ve got lots of heroes of our own. Not the least of which are… you.

But defending the city isn’t easy when you have to finish that essay and a date this friday and a test on monday and your parents are breathing down your neck…

…and if that weren’t enough, you can’t shake that sneaking sensation that something very, very bad is about to happen. And three guesses as to who the only ones who can stop it will be…

Cosmic Champions

Tecu Burnttoastking gerrundous BAO