The Drazz are an alien species that inhabit a planet called Midworld. The Drazz are prolific traders and merchants. One of the few “Non-human” species to inhabit the Cosmos. The Drazz seem to be immune to the Kurtzburg-Lieber Effect, suggesting that, unlike other alien species, they are not human subspecies.


The Drazz consider themselves to be the great merchant-explorers and have created for themselves vast mercantile empire out of their home planet Midworld. Drazz see no profit in warring with other cultures and so maintain peace.

Physical Description

The Drazz are small reptilian humanoids that average about five feet tall. They are covered in dull grey scales and have large expressive eyes. Drazz have a long tail but it is not prehensile.

Drazz have about midline human strength, with slightly above human average durability and agility.


Drazz have an innate Immunity to Kurtzberg-Liebner which costs them 2 points.

The Drazz can, through rigorous training, gain the Nullify (Power).

Drazz cannot gain other powers except through devices

Drazz Heroes

There are no known superheroes of Drazz origins (unless you wish to be one). It is theoretically possible, though due to their immunity to Kurtzberg-Liebner, it is very difficult.


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