The Archons were the second non-human species that Arden encountered. Unlike the Drazz, who are generally concerned with wealth and profit, the Archons see themselves as guardians of order in the Cosmos.


Most of Archon culture is mostly unknown to other species. They hold themselves aloof from humanity and its various offshoots. There seems to be some sort of ancient understanding between the Archons and the Drazz, however, but neither species seems interested in elaborating on the nature of that relationship.

The Archons were apparently responsible for imprisoning the Shedim.

Physical Description

For Archons, a physical form is a convenience rather than a necessity. They usually take the form of tall, statuesque humanoids. Often they have vast feathered wings.


Archons are major cosmic powers, though there are a range of power levels. Most soldiers of the Archonate are PL14, with the most powerful being even mightier. Their powers are variable and numerous but almost always include flight, enhanced strength, and energy projection.

All Archons have the ability to move between the worlds without a Bridge (Movement 3) (6 points)

Archon Heroes

Archons are, in general, far more powerful than the heroes in this game. However a very young or inexperienced Archon could theoretically be PL10.


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