Sigmund Schwab

Host to the Fugue Psyche


Real Name: Sigmund Schwab
Hero Identity: Fugue
Height: 5’10"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Age: 16
Build: Skinny
Size: Medium

Power Level: 8
Points: 120(Total)

Iniative: 0+8= 8

Abilities: 27

Will- 3+2= 5
Reflex- 0+5= 5
Fortitude- 3+0= 3

Toughness- 7=3+3+1

Attack: 5
Defense: 6+10= 16

Mental Blast: Acc + 7, Crit 20, Mental, Damage DC 20
Brass Knuckles: Acc + 5, Crit 20, Blugeoning, Damage DC 16/Stun
Taser: Acc + 5, Crit 20, Effect, Stun 7

Skills: 18
Bluff 12, Concentration 8, Diplomacy 8(+5), Gather Information 8, Intimidate 6, Notice 13, Search 8, Stealth 9

Feats: 11
Defensive Roll
Fascinate- Diplomacy
Cool- Diplomacy(pg. 20 Hero High)
Improved Iniative 2 (pg. 62 Core)
Equipment 6 (30 EP)

Powers: 42


Array(Fugue Psyche)
Mind Shield-8 (Power Feat: AlternateExtra: Area 1)
Effect- Enhanced Will, Impervious
Range- Area(1/3 Power)/Personal (Extra 1)
Saving Throw- None
Action- Free (active)
Duration- Sustained
AP: Mind Reading, Illusion, Mental Blast, Telelocation
Power Points- (1+1)x8+1+1+1+1= 20

Mindreading 8 = (Extras: Linked- Stun 0, Knockback 1, Insidious 1, Action 1, [Affect Corporeal 1] Flaws: Range 2, Limited Mind Probe 1 Power Feats: [Penetrating 8], Knockback 1 Drawbacks: Subtle 1)
Range: Touch (Flaw 2)
Saving Throw: Will
Action: Standard (active)
Cost: ((1+[3 or 4]-3)x8)+[1 or 9]-1= 16 Power Points

Stun 8 = (Extras: Linked- Mindreading 0, Sleep 0, Alternate Save Will 0)
Type: Attack
Range: Touch
Saving Throw: Will
Action: Standard
Duration: Instant (lasting)
Cost: 2×8= 16 Power Points

Illusion-8 (Extra: Selective 1, Duration 1 Flaw: Phantasm 1, Action 1)
Type- Sensory, Sight/Sound (mental)
Range- Perception
Saving- Will
Action- Full/Free (Flaw 1)
Duration- Sustained (Extra 1)
Power Points- (2+1+1-1-1)x8= 16

Mental Blast-5 (Flaw: Range 1 Power Feats: Accurate 1 Drawbacks: Noticeable 1)
Type- Damaging, Will Save
Range- Ranged
Saving- Will
Action- Standard (active)
Duration- Instant
Power Points- (4-1)x5= 15

Telelocation-8 (Extra: Duration 1)
Type- Esp
Range- Extended
Saving Throw- Will
Action- Full (active)
Duration- Sustained (Extra 1)
Power Points- (1+1)x8= 16

Astral Projection-4 (Extra: Attack 1 Flaw: Action 1 Power Feats: Subtle, Selective)
Type- Communication and ESP
Range- Extended
Saving Throw- None
Action- Standard
Duration- Continuous
Power Points- ((5+1-1)x4)+2= 22

Equipment: 20 EP
Weapon- Brass Knuckles (Damage +1, Crit 20, EP 2)
Weapon- Stun Gun (Stun 7, EP 14)
Armor- Tactical Vest (Toughness +3, EP 4)

Headquarters: 10 EP
Urchin Bay (Abandoned Shipping Warehouse)
SIZE- Medium
Security System
Holding Cells
Power (Summon Minion 3 {Urchins} Extra- Fanatical 1 Power Feats- Progression 3{10 Total})

Minion: Street Urchin

Power Points: 45

Initiative: +1

Abilities: 36
Str- 10
Dex- 12
Con- 18
Int- 12
Wis- 10
Cha- 0

Reflex- 6+1= 7
Will- 4+0= 4
Fort- 2+4= 6

Toughness- 4+2=6

Attack- 7
Defense- 4
10= 14

Skills: 7
Sleight of Hand 8, Stealth 12, Gather Information 8

Feats: 2
Equipment (5 EP)

Equipment: 5 EP
Weapon: Club (Damage 2, Blugeoning, Crit 20) EP 2
Armor: Ribbed-Leather Jacket (Toughness 2) EP 2
Handcuffs EP 1


Sigmund Schwab was a happy normal boy until one fateful day when a psychopathic telepath killed his parents…

The amazing Firebird arrived just in the nick of time to save Sigmund’s life, unfortunately she had to put the telepath down in order to do so.

Unknown to the hero, the criminal had gained his powers from a telepathic entity known as Fugue, a symbiotic psychic presence that merges with hosts and grants them powers in exchange for identity. When the criminal was killed Fugue was set loose, it went to the nearest host it could find. Young Sigmund Schwab.

Psychic powers are subtle things and it was some time before Schwab discovered his powers. By that time he had already been circulated into the Foster Care system. He did not stay long due to his emerging powers. It was not long before his powers made him unwanted and he ended up homeless. Sigmund would have died from exposure out on the streets of Gnosis had it not been for a fellow orphan Mal (Short for Mitch Malcolm). Mal taught Sigmund how to survive on the streets, introducing him to the other Urchins, and bringing Sigmund to their safe haven, Urchin Bay an abandoned shipping warehouse. During this time Schwab relied on Mal and his fellow Urchin, seeking protection in numbers from the harsh environment of the streets.

He spent a number of years among the other street Urchins as his powers nurtured and grew. Soon he became the leader of the band, they operated amazingly efficiently, aided along by Schwab’s growing powers. However Sigmund was still learning control of his powers, and it seemed like his compatriots were the ones to pay the price. The mind is a delicate thing, and needs to be handled as such, Sigmund had no idea how much power the Fugue Psyche afforded him. Mal was the first to notice it, the subtle changes to behavior in the other Urchins, all of it suggesting the horrible truth. Aside from Mal, every Urchins had been hollowed out from the near constant influence of the Fugue Psyche. They were shells of who they had been, all operating in perfect harmony. For whatever reason Mal was able to resist the Fugue Psyche, creating a mental defense against the intrusive psychic presence. Sigmund was disgusted by what he had unknowingly done. It was Mal who drove Sigmund away from the Urchins, calling him a monster.

In time, Schwab became more confident in his mastery of the Fugue Psyche. He had spent many years on the streets and had seen the injustices done to those whom society forgets. Sigmund assisted where he could, using his powers to right wrongs as a means of penance. However, as Sigmund worked towards self-forgiveness, Mal harbored deep resentment for what Sigmund had done. Finally Mal’s plan for revenge sprung into action. During the ensuing fight Mal accused Schwab of many things: harming those he loved, running from his responsibilities, and many other hurtful words. In spite of the vitriol behind those words, Sigmund found that he could not argue with Mal. The fight concluded when Sigmund was able to use the Fugue Psyche to incapacitate Mal. Schwab demonstrated to himself, his new level of control, by preventing his emotions from getting the best of him and not dealing a killing blow to his former friend.

The fight did two things to Sigmund, it first showed him that he could not run from what he was, it seemed to be his destiny to assume the mantle of Super Hero. The second was that it showed Schwab his own determination not to stay on the streets forever. It didn’t take long for Sigmund to re-enter the system. With a little help from his psychic powers, Sigmund managed to get back into the Foster Care system.

He has managed to stay in the same home since re-entering the system, and currently lives with his Foster Parents, Tom and Tammy Taylor. They are strict and religious but fair, Sigmund knows their conservative ways wouldn’t approve of his activity as a Super Hero but he can’t help but lend a hand to those in need.

His time on the street has shown him the injustice in the world, Sigmund identifies with the under dog seeing himself in the refuse of society. After the Urchins, Schwab viewed his powers as a curse, vowing to never use them. But the wrongs of the world eventually swayed his view, he can’t turn away from those in need, not when its clear he has the power to help. And just because he lives in a foster home and has school now, doesn’t mean he’s going to stop helping when he can.

He returned to the Urchins shortly after re-entering the system, he visits them often, they need looking after, and if they help him save the world in the mean time, all the better. Although the circumstances of how he gained and mastered his powers leaves much to be desired, Schwab doesn’t hate his powers, rather he sees them as a means to an end. Yet despite his pragmatism…

…a part of him fears that he could abuse his powers once again and destroy another person’s mind…

2011: (Age 16) Sigmund starts first year of High School as Freshman. Current Year
2010: (Age 15) Sigmund rejoins Foster Care. Sigmund takes on the identity of Fugue, Super Hero.
2009: (Age 14) Mal attacks Sigmund.
2006: (Age 11) The Urchins become shells from the Fugue Psyche. Mal drives Sigmund from Urchin Bay.
2005: (Age 10) Sigmund becomes the leader of the Urchins, using his psychic powers to coordinate with the others, the band becomes very successful.
2004: (Age 9) Sigmund falls out of Foster Care and ends up living on the streets. Sigmund meets Mal, who introduces him to the Urchins.
2003: (Age 8) Fracture, a psychotic telepath attacks the Schwab family. He Kills Sigmund’s parent, Simon and Sally. Firebird kills Fracture to save Sigmund life, in doing so, Firebird unknowingly releases the Fugue Psyche from Fracture. The Fugue Psyche bonds with Sigmund Schwab. Sigmund is put into Foster Care.
1996: (Age 0) Sigmund is Born to Simon and Sally Schwab.

Sigmund Schwab

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